Glass explained and constantly changing

From a naturally occurring mineral (silicon) to the apparently hard (but actually still liquid) translucent product, the sensational journey of glass a product that we all take for granted. The amazing product that is glass has been with us for generations and its qualities are constantly being refined to make it one of the most useful commodities in everyday life, from drinking glasses to spectacles, windows to windscreens, they are all glass.

Glass for windows is a category on its own so many properties clear, single, double or triple glazing, obscure, patterned, thermal, self cleaning the list of the wonders of glass goes on. You can bend it shape it cast or cut it to virtually any shape you require. The next time you need some new windows or even a replacement double glazed unit remember that glass is always evolving do not just take what you are offered check out the real qualities of glass and pick the product that really suits your requirements.