Doors where would we be without them?

Colder for a start and much more insecure, doors, we take them for granted every time we close them to lock out the outside world, but how often do we consider how much they have evolved through the ages. Doors have come a long way from being a rock at the entrance of a cave – now available in a range of materials timber, UPVC, Aluminium, composite and in a range of styles that runs well into the tens of options before we consider the newer styles of patio/French and bi fold, so many styles, in so many colours with so many glazing options and so many accessories, should we really be taking doors for granted. All of this before we consider improved thermal and sound insulation and fire resistant qualities, increased durability and security, they rarely suffer any of the problems of draught, warping etc and the maintenance of new doors is minimal maybe it’s time you considered a new door.